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About us & Publications

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About Us

The Portchester Society has a growing membership of about 70, drawn from all age groups.  The officers of the Society are volunteers elected to office each year by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in November.  The Society is a non-political, non-sectarian organisation and a friendly welcome is offered to all new members.

The aims of the Society are to promote the well being of the residents of the ancient village of Portchester.

How does the Society achieve these Aims

We campaign against inappropriate housing, industrial and commercial developments.

We scrutinise every planning application for Portchester.

We regularly make representations at Fareham Borough Council's Planning Committee meetings and register objections to planning applications in the Portchester East and Portchester West wards, where these are believed to be counter to the interests of the people who live and work in Portchester.

We are
afilliated to SHUV (South Hampshire Unheard Voices) - a federation of Civic Amenity Groups, Parish Councils, Environmental and Wildlife Groups, formed to provide a response to SEERA (Southeast England Regional Assembly) and the South East Plan, representing these organisations which are part of the same geographical area as PUSH (Partnership for Urban South Hampshire). PUSH is an agent of SEERA, and together they have evolved ambitious development plans for the South Hampshire Sub Region. SHUV believes that these plans are detrimental to South Hampshire and in many cases they need to be challenged. SHUV will try to present a unified response to the CiP (Consultation in Public), which is the next phase of the South East Plan.

We have made more than twenty suggested amendments to the
Draft South East Plan, directly to SEERA.

We have taken an active role in responding to the Fareham Borough Council's
LDF (Local Development Framework). This has resulted in Portchester becoming the most responsive ward in the Borough in relation to this replacement for what is known as the Local Plan Review.

We maintain archival material on Portchester and its environs, working with Westbury Manor and Hampshire County Council Records office. We are also affiliated to the
CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England), Fareham Community Action and The Solent Protection Society.

We hold monthly meetings at the Methodist Church Hall, in Castle Street, Portchester, where the conduct of the Society is discussed and a series of interesting and entertaining talks is given by visiting speakers on a variety of subjects and specialisations.

We have no political affiliations.

The Committee


Mrs Jean Withinshaw 
Sir Michael Moore 
Vice Chairman
Mrs Judy Sherry
Hon Secretary
Mr Neil Sherry
Hon Treasurer




Mrs Lynne Woolley

Mrs Phyl Shaw


Membership Secretary

Mr Derek Pearce


Mr Derek Pearce
Mr John Bishop

Committee Members

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This page contains a list of publications by The Portchester Society and where available.



A Portchester Walk

Item 1. - A Portchester Walk.  Cost £1 + p&p 40p. This booklet is intended to act as a guide to those walking down Castle Street and round the Castle.
Available from the Portchester Library, Westbury Museum, Fareham and Fort Nelson.

Portchester Plaques

Item 2. - Portchester Historic Plaques.  1.50p + p&p 50P.        A booklet showing the 12 historic plaques placed on buildings around the village.

Notelets & envelops

Notelets.  25p each.  8 Notelets depicting different views of Portchester complete with envelopes.

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Other information will be made available as required.