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Most planning matters fall within the Society’s aims to protect and preserve the quality of the local environment. We work closely with Fareham and Hampshire councils to protect the streetscene and character of Portchester. We are very active in all matters concerning planning applications and attempt to suggest improvements where possible. Where applications are obviously detrimental we challenge and object to them – often with considerable success. Portchester includes two very important conservation areas (Castle Street and Cams Hall) in which we strive to preserve the integrity of the environment. But our preservation work also includes the whole of Portchester from the harbour shoreline to the chalk grasslands of Portsdown Hill.

 Planning issues are dealt with by a subcommittee which ensures that even in the most detailed submissions a spectrum of members’ opinion is properly reflected. The subcommittee work also ensures that a number of members gain knowledge of the legal aspects of the planning process. We wish to be informed of planning issues of concern to residents and we obtain an excellent response. Please use this website if you have any such concerns – whether you are a member or not.