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Meetings and programme

Our meeting place - the Methodist Church

The Portchester Society meets on the first Tuesday of the Month at the Portchester Methodist Church in Castle Street at 7.30 p.m.
Guests are welcome as, of course, are visitors.  A donation of (£2) per head would be appreciated but in view of the quite modest subscriptions (£10 per person per year), you may prefer to join on the day thus saving the donation.

Programme 2023


05 Dec                        Recollections of John Pounds

                                                            by Matthew Wingett                          *R

Programme 2024

January                      No Meeting

06 February                History minus the boring bits

                                                            by Susan Howe

05 March                    Roman Roads - Britain's Network           *R

                                                           by Richard Swaine

02 April                      Sailing at the 1972 Olympics

                                                           by Chris Davies

07 May                       Historical Experimentation at Porton      *R


                                                           by Ken Shaw

04 June                      The Falkland Islands - Defence and

                                                     Life After the Conflict

                                      by Joe Marsden

July                            No Meeting

August                        No Meeting

03 Sept                      The Kings Theatre Then and Now

                                                           by David Alport

01 Oct                        Personal Reminiscences of Royal            *R

                                                      Yacht Britannia

                                     by Sir Michael Moore

05 Nov                        AGM

                                                           Followed with our Annual Quiz

03 Dec                        Mental Treatment throughout the Ages  *R

                                                           by Ian Meredith


*R    Raffle (please bring prizes)

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