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Meetings and programme

Our meeting place - the Methodist Church

The Portchester Society meets on the first Tuesday of the Month at the Portchester Methodist Church in Castle Street at 7.30 p.m.
Guests are welcome as, of course, are visitors.  A donation of (£2) per head would be appreciated but in view of the quite modest subscriptions (£7 per person per year), you may prefer to join on the day thus saving the donation.

We will be resuming meetings on Tuesday, 7 September 2021. 


Programme 2021


7 September                 Cunard, History and Famous Stars

                                                              by Steve Herra

5 October                      Wellington's Army

                                       by Richard Callaghan

2 November                   AGM with a Quiz hosted 

                                       by Neil Sherry

7 December                   The Man that Never Was

                                       by R Swain


Programme 2022

 7 January                     No Meeting

1 February                    Local Bird Life

                                       by Maurice Oliver

1 March                        Who Do You Think You Are? -              *R

                                                          from riches to rags

                                                               by Rev Dr Ian Meredith

5 April                          The Work of the Solent Protection


                                        by Bob Comlay

3 May                           Womens' Suffrage in Edwardian          *R


                                                               by June Purvis

2 June                          Hilsea Lido

                                        by Helen Downing-Ems

July                               No Meeting

August                           No Meeting

6 September                  Waste and Recycling at Fareham

                                       Borough Council

                                                                 by Sue Hand

4 October                      The Work of the Police and Crime        *R


                                                                 by Donna Jones

1 November                  AGM

                                                                followed by a Quiz

6 December                  Royal Yachts                                       *R

                                                                by Richard Andrews 


 Any changes to this Programme will be provided at the first meeting.

*R  Raffle         Please bring prizes

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